JECIS is a content-centric, full blown, E-Commerce Framework that is based on the JCR Content Repository API found in cutting-edge CMS solutions such as Adobe AEM, Magnolia CMS or Jahia DX. 

  • JECIS is an API, not an engine and not an isolated external solution. Drop JECIS into your /lib folder and you are ready to go!
  • No Integration needed, it's not a connector! 
  • No database required, it's based on the JCR Content Repository!

JECIS  -  E-Commerce the Modern Way

JECIS - JCR E-Commerce Information System - is a modern and powerful E-Commrece framework. JECIS is based on the JCR Content Repository API used in the most advanced CMS solutions. The purpose of JECIS is to extend content-centric CMS solutions with a content-centric E-Commerce framework. The purpose of JECIS is to replace the cumbersome, time-consuming and costly integration to traditional E-Commerce solutions. JECIS, just like JCR, is a ready-to-use Java API that is copied into the library section of your CMS.

JIM - JECIS Information Management - is a JECIS companion module. JIM is the browser-based commerce management system intended for authors to create and manage there commerce content. It is installed as a module and built using the template and component concept of the CMS solution. This concept allows developers to extend JIM easily with additional properties, functionality, templates or components.

JECIS & JIM are not only installed within minutes, but authors can immediately use the JIM pages to create their compelling commerce content!

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JECIS for Adobe Experience Manager


JECIS is available for one of the most popular CMS solutions on the market: Adobe Experience Manager. The JECIS API will manage the commerce content within CRX. JIM is build using AEM templates and components and can be extended if needed. Due to nature of how JECIS is designed it will run with AEM 5.6 and AEM 6. 

JECIS for AEM is planned to launch in July 2017.

JECIS for Magnolia ECMS


JECIS is available for Magnolia 5. The JECIS installation follows the typical Magnolia module concept. Magnolia will load the JECIS API and install or update the JIM Module for Magnolia. After installation authors can use the JIM pages to immediately create stores, add products, define supplier, configure payment and shipping module and more.

JECIS for Magnolia will launch in June 2017.

JECIS for Jahia Digital Experience Manager


JECIS is available for the Jahia DXP 7 series. The installation will be done the typical Jahia way, by using the administration console to load and install the JECIS and JIM modules. After installation the authors have immediate access to the wide range of commerce functionality that JECIS has to offer.

JECIS for Jahia DXP will launch in June 2017.

JECIS for all other JCR-compliant CMS


From its interception JECIS has been designed to be a pure extension of the JCR Content Repository and therefore completely independent of any underlaying CMS. The JECIS API can be installed by copying the API to the Java library folder of your CMS. 
JIM is available as a standalone browser-based Web application that can be deployed into the /ROOT (or any other context) folder of any Java servlet engine (e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, etc.). This standalone JIM application uses REST API to communicate with the JCR Content Repository. Authors can use JIM to manage their commerce content and developers can use the CMS functionality to build templates and components to promote the commerce content.

Note: We are constantly evaluating other JCR-complaint CMS solutions and will adapt JECIS & JIM accordingly. If your CMS is not listed, please let us know and we can share when JECIS will be available. 

JECIS for JCR-compliant CMS solutions will launch in June 2017.


JECIS - JECIS is a content-centric API, which is based on the JCR Content Repository used by leading CMS platforms like Adobe AEM, Magnolia or Jahia. JECIS is the API that developers will use to build components containing e-commerce functionality.

JIM - JIM is the browser-based commerce content administration site that allows authors to manage stores, products, clients and other commerce-specific content.