Resource planning is perhaps one of the most challenging subject in large-scale projects. The diverse disciplins, but also the different skill requirements are obstacles of intense complexity. In addition time constraints and budget require perfect planning. A common solution is to go with the Offshore model. But there is another powerful concept - Global Integration.

What is "Global Integration"?


Global Integration is the concept of finding and evaluating individual resources with required skills and integrating them into existing teams. The big advantage over an offshore model is that clients know the individuals, including their qualification, and can work with them directly, without the employee or HR overhead. These resources participate in meetings and are on- or offsite. In 2006 we introduced this concept in a large project for a well known car manufacturer. A common way of Global Integration is to setup small, highly-qualified teams as an extension to a discipline specific entity.

We like to reference Global Integration as the "Ocean's Eleven Principle". That's how Danny Ocean put his team together in the famous film "Ocean's Eleven"!

Why is "Global Integration" so Efficient?


The lack of finding qualified onsite resources is a bottle-neck for any project. On the other hand offsite resources, especially offshore teams, are often in opposite time zones and its not always obvious who is actually doing the job. After almost 2 decades and after more than 200 projects we have relationships to teams and small, but highly qualified boutiques, all over the place. These resources love to be independent, but are highly professional. We integrate such 3 to 4 resource teams into the client's project team. They operate very effective, independent of being onsite or nearshore.

About the "Global Integration" Process


Compare setting up teams with populating a sports team. First you need to have a deep understanding of the game, then you define a few winning strategies and at last you look for candidates to cover the according roles. Global Integration follows a similar principle, except that a project consists of many different disciplines with many different skill levels.

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Resource Planning

During all these years we have promoted different resource models. If you consider building a cutting-edge user experience you will also need highly qualified and efficient teams. We not only help clients evaluate candidates, but we also can manage them during the project life-cycle. It's common to find 100 plus resources on large projects. Hence there can't be just one resource model.