Converting a Marketing or Business Strategy into a compelling and engaging user experience depends to a high degree on the resources available.  This is true today, but was also true 10 years ago when we introduced the concept of Global Integration. Global Integration is the concept of filling key positions with the best possible resources, independent of vendor and often even location.  - The same way Danny Ocean picked his team in the film Ocean's Eleven.

Large-Scale Solutions


We define, design and build large digital experience platforms. A compelling and engaging user experience is not just the result of development work, it's an eco-system of best breed solutions built and integrated around world-class, marketing-centric, content management systems, like e.g. Adobe AEM, Magnolia WCMS or Jahia DXP. Today almost every industry demands a sophisticated user relationship solution and not just siloed Web channels with mobile capabilities. We know this, we know why, and we build them, because we have done it before, many times, successfully. 

Project Assessments


Project assessments play a significant role among our professional services. With the experience of more than 200 high-scale CQ/AEM, JCR, Magnolia or Jahia projects, we will identify gaps or "missed best practices", but we will also advise your project team on how to improve processes and quality. 

A couple of observations seen in projects, multiple times:

  • AEM is content centric, meaning that content is authored, not engineered. We saw dialogs that required a 48 page manual (!). In another case the dialogs were so complext the client hired technical authors. About 60% of all AEM projects cannot be authored by "regular" authors.
  • The hierarchical content structure within JCR-based CMS solutions is extremely powerful if correctly understood. It's amazing in how many solutions developers try to mirror Entity-Relationship Models, making it very complicated to manage and maintain content sections of a Web site!
  • A lot of integrators consider AEM, Magnolia or Jahia to be only good for page content. However, there are powerful options to manage "re-usable" content. But you need to know the concepts!
  • In large environments deployment processes are cumbersome. It's interesting how many XML and .properties files are swirling within project folders. Why not take advantage of the JCR content model? By moving such "static" data into the content model we were able to reduce the time-to-market for new features significantly by taking advantage of the underlaying content replication model.

Contact us and we will asses your project and work with your team to correct and implement possible findings. 

Coaching & Mentoring


Most every Web initiative consists of a series of projects. Every successful launch ignites the desire for improvements and successful growth strategies. But many enterprises rely on their implementation partner to implement business strategies, instead of building and nurturing an in-house practice.  Take advantage of our training and coaching methodoloies to bring your team to a higher level, project-by-project! 

Project Support


In almost each life cycle of a project there is a support phase. In modern marketing-driven solutions bug-fixing is usually the least of problems. Adapting new campaigns and features at a high pace are the challenging parts that bind valuable resources to a previously launched project.

As part of our Global Integration concept we provide first, second and even third level support, including bug-fixing, change- and feature requests. The quality of our support services have encouraged vendors to trust us with their support needs, relieving their R&D teams from 75% of support work! 

CMS Solutions

For the last 16 years our technical staff has been closly related to three of the most advanced CMS vendors on the market:

Adobe AEM & Marketing Cloud

 Magnolia ECMS

 Jahia DXP

But we don't just do projects. We wrote training material and delivered technical trainings. We did project and security assessments. We built connectors and integrations to third party solutions.

And yes, we built JECIS, the first JCR-based E-Commerce Framework that works directly with these CMS solutions. 
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