We could write many stories about successful work. We could list lots of vendors, integrators and clients we worked for. However, we think it's easiest to start a conversation with a phone call. Therefore we encourage you to send us your contact information. We'd love to hear about your initiatives and plans.

About Kleiber Digital

After working for more than 15 years on JCR-based Internet solutions wearing different hats, we decided to concentrate our vast experience and skills under one new entity - Kleiber Digital. Kleiber Digital works with integrators, vendors and direct clients.  

Kleiber Digital's Head-Quarters is the Internet. For legal purposes we have a physical address in Southern California. However, we work out of different places, mainly in the US and Europe.

About JECIS - Your Site is Your Store!

After another painful and costly integration between a JCR-based CMS and an E-Commerce solution we decided to write the specifications for a JCR-based E-Commerce system. Five years later we are launching JECIS, the first JCR-based E-Commerce framework. 

JECIS is a combination of the JECIS API, a JCR extension to manage all commerce content, and JIM, a browser-based Commerce Content Management System. The JECIS API can be added to any JCR-compliant CMS solution. JIM is available for Adobe AEM, Magnolia WCMS and Jahia DX, but also as static HTML solution for all other JCR-based CMS solutions.

JECIS will be launched in June 2017! Use are contact form to request a demo and get a glance of a full-blown E-Commerce framework managed by your CMS!

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Get in touch with us or request a demo of JECIS, the first JCR-based E-Commerce Platform!

Vision & Mision

in 2016 some very experienced JCR Content Repository experts have come together under a newly formed entity Kleiber Digital. This power-house of talent has a long history with JCR-based solutions such as Day CQ/Adobe AEM, Magnolia and Jahia.

Our resources have been leaders in large scale Internet solutions and user experience platforms for many years.
JECIS, the first JCR-based E-Commerce Framework, is such a result, evolved out of almost 20 years of JCR Content Repository work. 

Technology Lead
Giancarlo F. Berner (Founder)
Senior Technical Strategist and Architect